“Indeed, this workshop helped me rediscover and reconnect with why I entered teaching, just after a year that tested all my ideals”

“The approach to curriculum planning wherever and whatever I teach will benefit from the well-structured generation of ideas, organization and presentation that I learned in this workshop.”

“What a joy to be in such a creative environment with fellow educators. One of the best parts was the kindness shown to all attendees. Keep doing what you’re doing.t of testimonial here.”

“More than anything concrete, what I will take back from this week is the spirit of joy, excitement, exploration, and collaboration that pervades all we do at Seedlings. I am lucky that I get to be in a classroom with a highly experienced master teacher who embodies the spirit of Seedlings, but the excitement of Seedlings is palpable. It is a week of possibilities-more than a week of activities-that presents a model of what teaching could be like, if this were an ideal world. Being able to strategize and explore possibilities of classroom experiences is what I find the most valuable aspect of Seedlings.” “

“Just having the chance to sit with fellow teachers and talk about teaching was invaluable. Teachers just don’t have time to do this. We got many ideas for the week (and forever) from group members. Also-resources… hearing about them and getting a take-home library of them-precious.”